Be Unstoppable!

Injuries, long lines to use equipment, intimidating gym environment, unfamiliar equipment – These are things that shouldn’t stop you from getting a great workout. Gym’s House is your best choice!

  • You want to move pain free? We can help
  • You won’t suffer from long lines when you support local business
  • You’ll feel welcome and find community
  • Everyone can use our equipment, stand out from the crowd when you learn how to lift with barbells!
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Alix is great! I’ve enjoyed working with him. He’s knowledgeable and motivating!

Lisa L.

Alix helped me make significant progress with regular training sessions. He worked around my physical limitations, and his training helped me in both skiing and bicycling. Easygoing and encouraging.

Roger B.

Alix is an amazing trainer. If you have a certain sport you’re training for, an injury, want to get stronger, lose weight or if you’re just starting to workout Alix can help in all those areas. He’s very knowledgeable, provides great workouts and can help with everything you want to accomplish.

Molly H.

I was so blessed to have worked with Alix. He is so knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and what I was looking for in a trainer. He is such a wonderful motivator! I was able to step outside my comfort zone in so many workouts as well as see how strong I really was. Thank you for all your hard work!!

Joce C.

My wife and I needed someone to keep us accountable and establish a real exercise routine, and Alix was awesome. We also really enjoyed the partner exercises he showed us and the way he mixed things up every time to keep it new and engaging. And we got a new friend in the process! Super grateful and stoked to finally be getting fit again.

Reid F.

The power of Our Vision


Access to

We commit to offering teens free access* to our facility when they attend our workshops about health and participate in our community based volunteering events.



Our trainers have a passion for helping people. We use proven strategies to coach our clients in a way that helps them crush their health and fitness goals.



Community centered volunteering events bring our individual strengths together. As a result, we build community strength, while creating amazing friendships.

community favorites

Woman lifting a barbell


Barbells, bumper plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, racks, and more. Become part of a friendly, gym community! You feel great working out. Feel even better when you impact community!

Trainer coaching a woman on deadlift

Semi-Private Personal Training

Get high quality personal training in a semi-private group setting. Your training will be more personalized than small group training. In addition, you'll build group energy and push others who are working just as hard as you to reach their goals!

Small group with kettlebells

Performance Workshops

Our workshops for teens cover everything health related and include basic nutrition, proper lifting technique, performance mindset, and more! Adults who lead in our Teen Mentor Program get a discount on dues.

We Are Gym's House

Our success depends on yours. With this in mind, we ask ourselves, how can we multiply impact on our members and the community? The short answer…By creating real connections. To prove it, we use member and community feedback when guiding our actions to set a standard in the health and fitness industry. Gym’s House invests in individual and community achievement. This leads to stronger and healthier people, and a more resilient community. 

What Makes Us Different?


We lead workshops on nutrition, proper lifting form, and more! These help teens learn about taking care of themselves and helping others. To add to this, our community work gets teens involved in their community. It allows them to find their own strength and value.


Doing good means partnering with local nonprofits and organizations that give back to community. So we organize community volunteering events to get our members involved in the community. Health is an individual journey. Similarly, community action builds stronger connections with others, making the community stronger.


Push a mindset that creates discipline and focus. When you train with purpose, you never just go through the motions. You show up, ready to work hard. You make changes in your life and wellbeing. This is a part of our culture and the values we live, here at Gym's House.